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Dota 2 Aegis Keychain

Dota 2 Aegis of Champions Key Chain
Available for free shipping in the Philippines via PINOY GAME STORE.

To order the Dota 2 Keychain, just send us a Facebook message.

Celebrate TI, TI2, TI3, TI4, TI5 and TI6 with the Aegis Keychain!

Price: 200 PHP

Shipping fee:JRS Express - 130 PHP
LBC Express - 185 PHP

Buy with other products:
Dota 2 shirt + Aegis Keychain - 600 PHP (Free SHIPPING Via JRS Express)
Dota 2 cap + Aegis Keychain - 800 PHP (Free SHIPPING Via JRS Express)
Dota 2 hoodie + Aegis Keychain - 1200 PHP (Free SHIPPING Via JRS Express)

Stock left: 12

Name of Dota 2 Key chain Stocks Available
Aegis Shield - Immortal Key Chain 12

Other terms used by Dota 2 players:

Aegis of the Immortal Keychain

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