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Anti-Mage Dota 2 Item Bundles

Buy Magina Antimage Dota 2 Items in the Philippines.

Dota 2 sets in the Philippines

Acolyte of Vengeance Set with Loading Screen *

Broken Scale Set with Loading Screen *

Fervent Conscript Set *

Guilt of the Survivor Set with Loading Screen *

Legacy of the Awakened Set *

Mage Abolisher Set

Spoils from the Shifting Sorcerer- BurNing Set

The Clergy Ascetic Set *

The Nomad Protector Set *

The Gifts of Yoskreth Set *

The Mage Slayer's Set *

The Witch Hunter Set *

The Armor of Tustakuri Set **

For other Magina Dota 2 items, just send us a message.

BONUS: Antimage has Immortal items in Dota 2.
Anti-mage Immortal - TI5 ( Basher Blades, Golden Basher Blades )

Other items:
Weapon Pack: Arcs of Manta Pack

Weapon: Ancient Crasher

Off-Hand: Ancient Crescent

Taunt: The Magic Ends Here

13/13 - February 2017