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Inscribed Gems

Inscribed Gems
* To put a gem on an item, you would need to use an Artificer’s Chisel (50 PHP) to create slots.
* Gems will track specific stats which will be displayed on the item where you placed the gem.

Inscribed Gems
General Inscribed Gems Tracked Stat
Kills — 100 PHP Kills
Kill Assists — 50 PHP Assists
First Bloods — 100 PHP First Bloods
Godlike Sprees — 100 PHP Godlike Sprees
Gold Earned — 150 PHP Gold Earned
Gold Spent — 100 PHP Gold Spent
Buildings Destroyed — 50 PHP Buildings Destroyed
Barracks Destroyed — 50 PHP Barracks Destroyed
Towers Destroyed — 100 PHP Towers Destroyed
Roshan Kills — 50 PHP Roshan Kills
Heroes Revealed with Dusts — 50 PHP Heroes Revealed with Dusts
Couriers Purchased — 100 PHP Couriers Purchased
Wards Purchased — 50 PHP Wards Purchased
Wards Placed — 50 PHP Wards Placed
Abaddon Inscribed Gems
Borrowed Time Healing — 100 PHP Amount of healing done under Borrowed Time
Mist Coil Kills — 150 PHP Kills with Mist Coil
Healed with Mist Coil — 150 PHP Amount of healing done with Mist Coil
Aphotic Shield Kills — 150 PHP Kills with Aphotic Shield
Axe Inscribed Gems
Enemies Culled — 300 PHP Kills with Culling Blade
Battle Hunger Kills — 100 PHP Kills with Battle Hunger
Near Death Kills — 100 PHP Kills under low HP
Call Damage Done — 100 PHP Amount of damage dealt while using Berserker’s Call
Call Damage Taken — 50 PHP Amount of damage taken while using Berserker’s Call
Beastmaster Inscribed Gems
Hawks Summoned — 50 PHP Summoned with Call of the Wild
Boars Summoned — 100 PHP Boars Summoned with Call of the Wild
Roar Kill — 50 PHP Kills with Primal Roar
Roar Multi-Kills — 100 PHP Multi-kills with Primal Roar
Bloodseeker Inscribed Gems
Rupture Kills — 50 PHP Kills with Rupture
Bounty Hunter Inscribed Gems
Tracked Kills — 150 PHP Track Kills
Tracked Invisible Kills — 50 PHP Track Kills While Invisible
Invisible Jinada Strikes — 100 PHP Jinada Strikes While Invisible
Tracked Bonus Gold — 100 PHP Amount of bonus Track gold earned
Chaos Knight Inscribed Gems
4 Second Stuns — 50 PHP 4 Second Stuns with Chaos Bolt
Crystal Maiden Inscribed Gems
Frostbitten Enemies — 200 PHP Enemies caught with Frostbite
Crystal Novas Cast — 150 PHP Times Crystal Novas Cast
Freezing Field Kills — 300 PHP Kills with Freezing Field
Juggernaut Inscribed Gems
Omnislash Jumps — 300 PHP Omnislash Jumps
Blade Fury Damage — 150 PHP Amount of Blade Fury damage
Blade Dance Crits — 250 PHP Blade Dance Crits