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TI4 Immortals - Dota 2 Immortals 2014

Dota 2 Immortals - International 2014 Exclusive Items

These Immortals were released for The International 2014 Dota 2 Championship.
These are exclusive items.

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The Lightning Orchid *
Storm Spirit Immortal

Fin King's Charm *
Lion Immortal 

Rampant Outrage *
Axe Immortal

Merry Wanderer's Brush *
Puck Immortal

Yulsaria's Glacier *
Crystal Maiden Immortal

Sylvan Cascade *
Windranger Immortal

Mecha Boots of Travel Mk III *
Tinker Immortal

Fluttering Mortis *
Death Prophet Immortal

Hellborn Grasp *
Warlock Immortal

Kindred of the Iron Dragon *
Dragon Knight Immortal

Elixir of Dragon's Breath *
Brewmaster Immortal

Flourishing Lodestar *
Enchantress Immortal

Splattering Forcipule *
Venomancer Immortal

Lamb to the Slaughter *
Shadow Shaman Immortal

Muh Keen Gun *
Sniper Immortal

Severing Crest *
Razor Immortal

Inverse Bayonet *
Kunkka Immortal

Mania's Mask  *
Drow Ranger Immortal

White Sentry *
Crystal Maiden Immortal

Crystal Dryad *
Tiny Immortal

Geodesic Eidolon *
Enigma Immortal

Pale Mausoleum *
Undying Immortal

Empyrean *
Skywrath Mage Immortal

Swift Claw *
Ursa Immortal

Gravelmaw *
Earthshaker Immortal

Blade of Tears **
Morphling Immortal

Soul Diffuser *
Spectre Immortal