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John Albert Quial - Scammer from Borongan, Eastern Samar - Scammer's Facebook page

Photo of the fraudster - John Albert Quial

The Events
On May 29, 2015, an individual from Borongan, Eastern Samar named John Albert Quial contacted us to order 2 24 Compendium levels - worth around 20 USD. We acknowledged his order and he told us that he would be back in 30 minutes to send us a scanned copy of the transaction paper from Palawan Pawnshop. We saw that he had sent us a photo of a scanned copy of the transaction paper.

We sent him this message acknowledging this fact:
"Alright, sir. We'll have this processed today. Within 24 hours"

Unfortunately, we were experiencing internet connection problems during that day and we were not able to retrieve the information given to us (Steam link and transaction details) immediately. Globe Telecom's unreliable internet during that period prevented us from accessing our Facebook inbox again to see all the incoming orders from our customers.

On the morning of May 30 2015, we checked our phone to see 4 Missed Calls from a number we were not familiar with at that time - 05555609360. We shrugged it off since the number did not call again and we had no way to call back since it wasn't a Sun mobile number. We replied to all the text messages we received that day including queries regarding orders.

After being able to gain access to our Facebook inbox in the evening, we hastily checked all the orders and quickly sent items to those who sent us a copy of the transaction papers.

We messaged John Albert Quial informing him of the situation and notifying him that the orders have been sent via Steam Trade Offer. Little did we know that he already charged back the money. We discovered the trickery in the morning when we tried to process John Quial's transaction paper. At first, we gave him the benefit of the doubt (charging back the money was reasonable given what happened). However, we saw that he blocked our Steam account right after obtaining the items (a scammer red flag on hindsight)

Since he was actively blocking our Steam and Facebook page, we sought ways to contact him in order to have him correct the mistake.


Message we posted to John Albert Quial's Dota 2 lounge page after the fraud:
3 choices to resolve this:
a) Return the 2 items
b) Replace with 2 TI5 compendiums
c) Pay for the items
Just message us with your decision so we can settle this.


However, he has remained unrepentant and has no plans of returning the fraudulently obtained items.

John Albert Quial scammed us around 20 USD worth of Dota 2 items.

Tidbits about this dishonest person:
John Albert Quial conducts his scams in his own internet cafe called Kihod's Net Cafe.

Are we mad for being duped by John Albert B. Quial? 
Nope. We actually feel sorry for John Albert Quial sacrificing his reputation to scam a bit of money.

But we will take it as a lesson to tighten our procedures to prevent unscrupulous people like John Quial from taking advantage of people's trust in order for financial gain.

Due to this unfortunate incident (a first for us), we have added new security measures for trades in order to protect us as well. Sets and other orders will still have a 7 day cooldown while TI5 Compendiums will be sent within 24-48 hours.

We will only send items after receiving the money from the remittance center.

All the best!