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TI5 Immortals - Dota 2 Immortals 2015

PinoyGameStore Exclusive TI5 Items 

These Immortals were released for The International 2015 Dota 2 Championship.
These are considered as exclusive items.

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Immortals I

Draining Wight
Pugna Immortal

Shock of the Anvil
Magnus Immortal

The Barren Crown
Sand King Immortal

Luna Immortal

Iron Surge
Spirit Breaker Immortal

Searing Dominator
Huskar Immortal

Immortals II

Vigil Signet
Sven Immortal

Jewel of Aeons
Faceless Void Immortal

Resistive Pinfold
Disruptor Immortal

Tormented Staff
Leshrac Immortal

Tinker Immortal

The Basher Blades
Antimage Immortal

Immortals III

Piston Impaler
Bristleback Immortal

Atomic Ray Thrusters
Gyrocopter Immortal

Bonkers The Mad
Witch Doctor Immortal

Suffering Sapling
Nature's Prophet Immortal

Colossal Crystal Chorus
Meepo Immortal

Magus Apex
Invoker Immortal

Focal Resonance
Templar Assassin Immortal


Black Nihility Set
Night Stalker Immortal - Very Rare

Arms of Desolation
Shadow Fiend Immortal - Very Rare 

Righteous Thunderbolt
Zeus Immortal - Very Rare

Golden Moonfall **
Luna Immortal - Extremely Rare

Golden Basher Blades **
Anti-Mage Immortal - Extremely Rate

Golden Atomic Ray Thrusters **
Gyrocopter Immortal - Extremely Rare

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