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TI7 Immortals - Dota 2 2017 Immortals

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Here are the 2017 Immortals available at Pinoy Game Store.

Blastforge Exhaler - Bristleback Immortal

Staff of Gun-Yu - Monkey King Immortal

Maraxiform's Ire - Clinkz Immortal

Yulsaria's Mantle - Crystal Maiden Immortal

Full-Bore Bonanza - Sniper Immortal

Profane Union - Lifestealer Immortal


Lycosidae's Favor - Broodmother Immortal (Message us for special order)

Very Rare

Golden Profane Union - Lifestealer Immortal (Message us for special order)

Ultra Rare

Sea Rake's Bridle - Slark Immortal (Message us for special order)

Crimson Cyrridae - Weaver Immortal
Baneful Devotion - Legion Commander Immortal
Malefic Drake's Hood - Viper Immortal
Transversant Soul - Spectre Immortal
Iceflight Edifice - Winter Wyvern Immortal
The Barren Vector - Sand King Immortal
Golden Cyrridae - Weaver Immortal - Message us for Special Order
Vigil Triumph - Sven Immortal - Message us for Special Order