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Nano payments accepted at PINOY GAME STORE


With our ongoing campaign of accepting cryptocurrency payments, we've decided to accept payments made using NANO due to it's impressive speed. We would like to thank one of our clients from Singapore who showed us the way.

PINOY GAME STORE is now accepting payments using NANO currency.

Looking to spend your NANO on products?
PINOY GAME STORE will now accept NANO!

Most of our customers are DOTA2 and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players.

PUBG players can buy the exclusive items using NANO.

DOTA 2 players can buy these exclusive items using NANO:
Collector's Cache sets
TI10 Cache Sets

Other digital currencies we accept: 
* Icon ICX
* Ethereum ETH
* Bitcoin BTC
* Litecoin LTC

Message us on STEAM / FACEBOOK / TWITTER if you want to buy using NANO.

A message to NANO holders:

For NANO holders, if you want NANO to grow, SPEND IT!
You can employ the spend and replace stratgey. It helps spread the adoption of NANO without you losing your NANO stack. That way, it shows the use case of NANO as a currency.

If NANO payments become a significant percentage of our payment gateway, it's more likely that we can naturally bring it up in conversations with fellow SMEs. Entrepreneurs are trailblazers in the adoption of technology. And as more and more businesses accept Nano, the network effect kicks in. Those who don't know about Nano will see it in our stores that Nano is accepted.

A portion of these customers will ask us about it / research about it. And when they found out it's use case, will experiment with it.

Adoption is how Bitcoin grew.


Early Bitcoin adopter