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PIVX payments accepted at PINOY GAME STORE


After beta testing PIVX, we've started accepting PIVX due to it's increasing usage and strong grass roots community. As a business, every second counts and instant payment options are something we put a high value on.

PINOY GAME STORE is now accepting payments using PIVX.

Looking to spend your PIVX on products?
PINOY GAME STORE will now accept PIVX!

Most of our customers are DOTA2 and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players.

PUBG players can now buy the following exclusive items using PIVX:
PandaTV T-Shirt
DMM T-Shirt
Telnyashka / Shirt

DOTA 2 players can buy these exclusive DOTA 2 items using PIVX:
Exclusive TI5 Items
Exclusive TI6 Items
Exclusive TI7 Items

Other digital currencies we accept: 
* Icon ICX
* Bitcoin BTC
* Litecoin LTC

For our Philippines based customers, you can use PIVX to buy the real world merchandise we sell and we'll ship it to your doorstep!

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