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Artifact Beta Key

Artifact Beta Keys
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ARTIFACT is projected to be the #1 online card game by a lot of esports enthusiasts since it's a card game built from the ground up to be a competitive esport. With backing from the creators of DOTA 2 (the number 1 esport) and Magic: The Gathering, ARTIFACT is the game for the serious card player.

Expect former competitive POKEMON TCG, Hearthstone, MAGIC THE GATHERING, Yugioh, poker, Starcraft and Dota players to start playing this game.

Available on: PC - Windows / Mac / Linux

So if you're looking for an edge over other ARTIFACT players before the launch on November 2018, getting into the ARTIFACT beta in October is highly recommended.

For orders: - Over 70,000 followers - Over 1000 followers

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ARTIFACT - THE DOTA CARD GAME keys can be activated on STEAM.