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PinoyGameStore Black Attack Artifact Deck

After spending over 300 hours in ARTIFACT draft mode, we decided to formulate a hyper aggressive mono black deck that isn't that expensive.

The theme of this deck is: ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!

Play it and tell us what you think.

Debbie - default black hero (for that +2 damage on towers and heroes)
Bounty Hunter - Track gold and chance to get +4 damage
Phantom Assassin - Coup de Grace
Sorla Khan - +4 damage on towers and awesome signature card
Tinker - March of the Machine madness

Cards (Non Signature):
3 Relentless Pursuit - to escape enemies / easily go to other lanes
2 Assassin's Apprentice - take advantage of Sorla Khan's ladders
3 Disciple of Nevermore - to push lanes faster
3 Iron Fog Goldmine - to consistently get your health items
2 Payday - to get the health items fast
2 Slay - to slay those Thunderhide / clear blocking creeps
1 The Oath - to help push abandoned lanes faster
3 Gank - clear way for your heroes / get gold
3 Oglodi Vandal - a must have for any pushing deck (lots of wins with this creep)
1 Pick Off - clear enemies fast
1 Tyler Estate Censor - do your push before they get Time of Triumph / Annahilation
1 Sister of the Veil - goes well with Sorla Khan's ladders

1 Demagicking Maul - get those enemy improvements out
3 Stonehall Cloak - the longer the game goes, the harder it gets to kill your heroes
3 Blink Dagger - mobility is the name of the game
2 Claszureme Hourglass - lock your enemy's essiential cards

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