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PUBG Codes Deactivation

PUBG Code Changes - Deactivation

Starting April 25, 2019, you will be no longer be able to activated specific item codes.

All codes with the following prefixes are subject to deactivation:

* P040, P042, P043, P044, P045
* P049, P050, P051, P052, P053, P054
* P080, P081, P083, P084
* P087, P089, P090, P091, P092
* P112, P113, P114, P115, P116, P117, P118, P119
* P122, P124, P126, P135, P138, P139, P140
* P144, P145, P146, P147, P148
* P150, P151, P152, P153, P154, P155, P156, P158
* P160, P161, P162, P163, P164, P165, P166, P167, P168
* P173, P174, P175, P176, P177, P178
* P182, P183, P184, P185, P186, P187
* P190, P191, P197, P198, P199
* P201, P202, P203, P204, P205, P206, P207, P208, P209
* P210, P211, P212, P213, P214, P215, P216, P217, P218, P219
* P220, P221, P222, P223, P224, P225, P226, P227, P228, P229

Here are some of the CODE INITIALS.

Redeem these codes before the deadline!