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Axe Dota 2 Item Bundles

Buy Axe Dota 2 items in the Philippines.

Dota 2 sets Price List

The Red Conqueror Set *

Bloodmist Armor Set *

Heavy Steel Armor Set *

Saberhorn's Armor Set *

The Axecutioner Set *

The Berserker's Blood Set *

The Defiant Axe Set *

The Forgemaster's Tools Set *

Red Mist Reaper Set *

Forged in Demon's Blood Set *

Harbinger of War Set **

The Ram’s Head Armaments Set

Black Orc Warboss Set

Supreme Black Orc Warboss Set

For other AXE Dota 2 items, just send us a message.

Other items

Axe of Phractos, Battleaxe of the Basilisk, Berserker's Witchslayer, Corpsemaker, Corruptor, Guillotine, Half Measure, Headhunter, Kingslayer Axe, Mountain Splitter, Nightmare Blade, Ragestone Axe, Reaver, Red General's Soul Splitter, Red Guard, Skullsplitter Axe, Sylnashar the Winged Axe, Vindicator, Wyvernguard Edge

14/14 - January 2017