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Exclusive TI6 Sets Available at Pinoy Game Store

The International 2016 sets

13 exclusive Dota 2 sets available at

500 PHP each:
Iceburnt Elegy - Winter Wyvern set (STOCK: 2 = 1r + 1c)
Heir of Terror - Bane set (STOCK: 2 = 1r + 1c)
Dirgeful Overlord - Undying set (STOCK: 1 = 1r)
Nightsilver's Resolve - Luna set (STOCK: 1 = 1r)
Rising Glory - Magnus set (STOCK: 2 = 1r + 1c)

Creeping Shadow - Phantom Assassin set (OUT OF STOCK)
Doomsday Ripper - Pudge set (OUT OF STOCK)
Stormwrought Arbiter - Sven set (OUT OF STOCK)
Diabolical Fiend - Shadow Fiend set (OUT OF STOCK)
Fractured Envoy - Arc Warden set (OUT OF STOCK)
Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror - Chaos Knight set (OUT OF STOCK)
The Family Values Bundle - Meepo set (OUT OF STOCK)
Fortified Fabricator - Tinker set (OUT OF STOCK)
Wartorn Heavens - Zeus set (OUT OF STOCK)
Atrophic Skitterwing courier - 500 PHP (OUT OF STOCK)

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Since these are exclusive items, you can't trade / gift them away once it's been sent to your Steam account. You'll have to be on our friend's list for 30 days to avail these exclusive offers.