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League of Legends Funko Pop - Philippines

League of Legends Funko Pops in the Philippines
Although majority of our clients are Dota 2 players, we know that thousands of Filipinos play League of Legends as well.

Looking to buy League of Legends Pops in the Philippines?

If there's a huge demand, we might start selling League of Legends toys as well.

Projected releases for the Funko Pop League of Legends line:
* Amumu Funko Pop (Limited Edition)
* Ashe Funko Pop
* Thresh Funko Pop
* Braum Funko Pop
* Jinx Funko Pop
* Vi Funko Pop
* Lee Sin Funko Pop

Send us a Facebook message if you're interested.
If there's a huge demand, we'll sell them.

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Dota 2 Funko Pop currently does not exist thanks to Dota 2 Demihero & Dota 2 Figures.

Teemo Funko pop anyone?