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Dota 2 Mystery Pack

Dota 2 Mystery Package
We've decided to release the Dota 2 Mystery Packs in the Philippines.

For only 800 Pesos, you get a random Dota 2 shirt + 1 more merchandise.

PACKAGE A: Mystery Random Dota 2 Shirt + Mystery Dota 2 Plushie (800)

PACKAGE B: Mystery Random Dota 2 shirt + All Black Dota 2 snapback cap (800)

PACKAGE C: Mystery Dota 2 shirt + Dota 2 hoodie (1400)

Here's what the Dota 2 cap looks like in Package B:

Frequently asked questions:
1. Is the delivery free?
Yes - free shipping in the Philippines

2. What does the Dota shirt look like?
Random Dota 2 hero design which is only revealed when you open your package.

3. COD?

We only process paid orders. You can easily pay at the following payment centers:
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), LBC, M Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier & Palawan Pawnshop


Size of Dota 2 Shirt Width (in inches) Length (in inches)
Small 19" 25"
Medium 20" 26"
Large 21" 27"
XL 22" 28"

Dota shirt material used: Polyester Cotton Blend

For orders, just send us a message on Facebook: