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TI6 Immortals - Dota 2 Immortals 2016

TI6 Immortals - Dota 2
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Adoring Wingfall
Omniknight Immortal

Crimson Pique
Weaver Immortal

Controlled Burn
Timbersaw Immortal

Virga's Arc
Enchantress Immortal

Fortune's Tout
Juggernaut Immortal

Phantom Concord
Phantom Lancer Immortal

Peregrine Flight
Windranger Immortal

Pale Augur
Undying Immortal

Shadow Masquerade
Riki Immortal

Crown of Tears
Morphling Immortal

Shearing Deposition
Lich Immortal

Bracers of the Cavern Luminar
Earthshaker Immortal

Jade Reckoning
Earth Spirit Immortal

Slumbering Terror
Bane Immortal

Severing Lash
Razor Immortal

Auspice of the Whyrlegyge
Ogre Magi Immortal

Daughters of Hydrophiinae
Medusa Immortal

Hydrakan Latch
Slark Immortal

Solar Forge
Phoenix Immortal

Golden Fortune's Tout
Juggernaut Immortal

Pulsar Remnant
Mirana Immortal

Golden Shadow Masquerade
Riki Immortal

Golden Hydrakan Latch
Slark Immortal

Disciple of the Wyrmwrought Flame
Lina Immortal

Mace of Aeons
Faceless Void Immortal

Dark Artistry
Invoker Immortal

Legacy of The Fallen Legion
Immortal Prestige - Legion Commander Immortal

Silent Wake
Drow Ranger Immortal